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Outbreakers' Lab (OBL) is a mentoring camp for artists aiming to develop their career in the music industry. The project founded by HOTS (Hungarian Oncoming Tunes), is dedicated to emerging solo acts/bands that have export-related experience and seek professional guidance in their career development.

For four days, between the 7th and 10th of October, artists will work on fine-tuning their goals through individual mentoring sessions, workshops and group discussions with internationally acclaimed mentors. Outbreakers’ Lab is an experience designed to raise awareness of the participants’ potential, to transfer professional knowledge on the international music industry and its prevalent trends, to inspire, exchange ideas and build the artists' international community.

Four internationally renowned professionals representing various sectors and markets of the European music industry will select two acts they'd like to work with. Each act can delegate two songwriters, who, beside individual mentoring sessions, will take part in group workshops and discussions primarily focusing on practical knowledge, prevailing topics and trends of the global music scene.

Since 2017, participants had the chance to work with Daryl Bamonte (UK, Schubert Music), Sally-Anne Gross (UK, University of Westminster), James Morgan (UK, Pieces of 8 Music), Andries van Wieren (NL, 3S Music), Rod Jones (UK, Post-Electric Studio), Ville Leppanen (UK, The Animal Farm), Katia Giampaolo (IT, Europavox, Estragon), Andraz Kajzer (SI, MENT), Julia Scherz (AT, Ink Music), Ineke Daans (BE, PIAS), Kat Kennedy (Big Life Management), Andrew Apanov (PL, Dotted Music) and Markus Linde (thag’s agent).

- Artist has released at least one (1), and the maximum of three (3) albums (either through a record label or self-released) that are accessible on the relevant digital platforms.
- The artist is a fluent speaker of English and shows interest in an international career
- The artist is able to perform live and had at least 30 shows in Hungary and/or abroad in the last three years.
- The maximum of two band members are eligible to represent the act.

Deadline for application: July 31, 2021.
Think different. Find your voice. Face your challenges.
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