Field Readiness Metadata
1. Review Criteria 1-33 below (or see tab "Criteria" on this spreadsheet:
2. Respond to the questions below.

Thank you for your time and thoughts! Our combined efforts will get us closer to ensuring people have what they need, when they need it and where they need it, especially in humanitarian contexts. Thank you!

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Criteria 1-9
Criteria 10_20
Criteria 21-30
Criteria 31-33 and Risk Levels
Is the criteria listed representative of what you need to know to buy or produce items? *
If you marked partially or no, what is missing? *
Are there any criteria listed that you think are unnecessary? If so, which ones and why? *
For column I, the criteria rating section, are there any ratings you would change? For example, shift from high to medium? Or from low to medium? Etc. Please share which ones specifically and why. *
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