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Many high school and university-level music theory instructors have been asked to move our classrooms to an online format, and are considering using short instructional resources or videos to help provide course content to our students. If you have created such a resource or video on a music theory topic and are willing to share it, please provide a description of your resource or video and a link where others can access it.

The SMT Pedagogy Interest Group hopes that the sharing of resources will help instructors who find themselves in difficult positions because of the move to online instruction; creating resources is difficult and time consuming! Many instructors have existing instructional resources that they have created, and sharing them will help others avoid reinventing the same wheel. We hope that those who have content to share will do so to help out the theory instruction community.

Good ways of sharing your materials would be to provide a link to your shared materials on Dropbox, Box, YouTube, or some other accessible platform where colleagues can access and/or download your shared materials.

Thank you all in advance for your willingness to share materials with the theory community! If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at leigh.vanhandel@ubc.ca.

The responses can be viewed here: https://tinyurl.com/musictheoryresources

Leigh VanHandel
Chair, SMT Music Theory Pedagogy Interest Group
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Any comments to add about the resource or video? Potentially important things: what text/chapter does this align with? Is there anything in this video that is specific to your course or text (i.e., you ask students to look at p. 34 of your text or coursepack, and viewers won't be able to follow along unless they have that resource)? Do you use any terminology that's specific to your course?
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