Connecting to the Future — Sapulpa Comprehensive Plan Short Survey
This survey is intended to guide city officials in making land use plans and policies for the future growth and development of Sapulpa and as a guide in the preparation of the updated Sapulpa Comprehensive Plan to be called Connecting to the Future Sapulpa Comprehensive Plan (The Plan). You can complete the longer version of the survey online at:

• A copy may be downloaded from the from the webpage above.
• A copy of the survey is available at City Hall, 425 East Dewey, Sapulpa, OK 74066.
• Completed surveys can be dropped off at City Hall.
• Completed copies may be faxed to 918.579.9568 or e-mailed to or mailed to:

Kathleen Butler
Sapulpa Comprehensive Plan c/o INCOG
2 West 2nd Street, Suite 800
Tulsa, OK 74103

THANK YOU for taking your time to complete this short survey – ALL responses are important! Survey responses will be received until on or about April 9, 2012 and tabulation of results will be available beginning on or about May 22, 2012 at and will also be available City Hall after that date. For more information please call 918.248.5917 or 918.248.5918 and ask for the Urban Development Department Comprehensive Plan Survey information.
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I am a:
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My Age is:
I have lived in the Sapulpa, Oklahoma area:
Please answer the following questions.
I moved to Sapulpa because of the:
Please select three (3).
I think the image of the city of Sapulpa to Sapulpa residents is:
The overall condition of housing in Sapulpa is:
Which future developments are important for Sapulpa:
Please select two (2).
The kinds of jobs Sapulpa should attract as a part of its economic development program are:
Please select three (3).
Our City needs more of which type of development:
Please select all that apply.
During the past 10 years, growth in retail/restaurant development has been:
During the past 10 years, growth in commercial development has been:
During the past 10 years, growth in industrial development has been:
If rail transportation service was available with access to Tulsa, Oklahoma City and other locations in the metropolitan area how likely would you be to use it?
If you would like to be contacted for additional surveys, receive updates, be notified of events, please provide your contact information. Your information will not be used for any other purpose.
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