Vendor Application - 2020 HSV COFFEE AND TEA FESTIVAL
Welcome to the HSV Downtown Event of the Year Award Winner!
1) Attract and Encourage new customers to discover local coffee, tea, and associated businesses.
2) Increase knowledge and experience of beginners and intermediate coffee, tea, and goodie lovers.
3) Build, Inspire, and Strengthen the relationships and quality of North AL coffee, tea, and goodie businesses.
Sunday, March 22, 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm. Vendor Lunch / Re-stock time 1pm-2pm.
Thank you for your interest in the Annual HSV Coffee and Tea Festival!
Due to the high level of participation interest, there is limited space.
This is a juried event. Please fill out the application for review. Application is NOT a guaranteed acceptance.
Applications must be complete for consideration by SUNDAY Feb 23, 2020
10x10 inline $75
10x10 endbooth $100
10x20 inline OR endbooth $175

Booth Amenities
Additional Water $25 (Delivered. x3 Sponsored Five gallon jugs included)
Electrical provided $40 (limited amount available)
Table Provided $30 (limited amount available)
Table Cloth Provided $25 (limited amount available)
Ice $25 (Unlimited. Delivered size up to 60lb at a time.)
Additional Whole Milk $25 (Delivered. x3 Sponsored One gallon jugs included)
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IE Packaged coffee, packaged Tea, Pastries, Brewing Devices, Full Size Drinks (>8oz) etc.
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Please consider the 3 goals of the event. Then, please provide, in 1-2 sentences, your vision of how your company and employees will partner with us to fulfill the goals and make this event a success.
Vendor Terms and Conditions
Huntsville Coffee and Tea Festival 2020 – Vendor Agreement Terms and Conditions

Upon submitting a Vendor Application, Vendors acknowledge that they understand the following terms & conditions: (Please note that these terms and conditions include individual responsibilities and requirements of representation imposed on the Vendor participants of the HCT Fest)
A. Participants of the HCT Fest are considered representatives of the HCT Fest and HCT Fest competitions.
B. Upon entry in the HCT Fest and in exchange for the opportunity to show and to compete, each participant undertakes that they will:
___a. Permit HCT Fest and P&L to use the participant’s name and image in any format without charge for the purpose of
promotion of the P&L, HCT Fest, or the HCT Fest competitions.
b. Without limiting the generality of clause (i), the formats referred to may include: photographic, video,
print, Internet, or any electronic media.
___c. When fulfilling these terms and conditions, actively work to adhere to the code of conduct,
and uphold the good reputation of the P&L and HCT Fest.
C. Upon entry in the HCT Fest and in exchange for the opportunity to show or compete, each participant undertakes that, should they qualify or win, they will:
___a. Include the name “HSV Coffee and Tea Festival” and/or “@HSVCOFFEEFEST” in association with the names “HCT Fest Best Brew Award” or “HSV Coffee and Tea Festival Best Brew Award” or “HSV Coffee Fest” or “HSV Coffee Fest Latte Art Throwdown” (or associated monikers and representations) in each instance where the names of the participants and/or the competition and/or the events are mentioned.
b. Without limiting the generality of clause (iii), the instances referred to include verbal, in print, or via any
electronic medium.
___c. Promote the HCT Fest, HCT Fest Competitions, at every opportunity in regards to the HCT Fest without charge to the P&L or HCT Fest.
___d. Promote the relevant Competition information, HCT Fest, and associated events and activities as in support of P&L and/or the HCT Fest and/or other local businesses at every opportunity without charge to the P&L, HCT Fest, or other local businesses.
___The HCT Fest will employ these Rules & Regulations throughout the Event and Competitions. If a participant violates one or more of these Rules & Regulations, they may be disqualified from the event and/or competition, and/or fined $100 per infraction.

1. Booth space is limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. HCTF MANAGEMENT reserves the right to cancel a booth reservation or require alteration of any merchandise or activity that is inconsistent with the quality, theme, or image of HCTF. HCTF MANAGEMENT has the right to restrict, eject, or reassign any Vendor or its representative(s) as may be required in the best interest of other Vendor or HCTF MANAGEMENT, prior to and during HCTF, without recourse from the restricted Vendor.
2. The Vendor agrees to use the space(s) provided only for the display of the products or services specified in this agreement and may not re-sell, share, or sublet the space.
3. Vendor must abide by all pertinent city, country, state, and federal laws, ordinances, fire, and safety codes.
4. Vendor agrees its display will be set up for the festival prior to opening each day and that its booth will remain intact until the festival closing.
Vendor also agrees to remove its exhibit and equipment from the festival premises within two hours following the festival closing (by 7pm). In the event the Vendor fails to follow any of these rules, Vendor agrees to pay a fee of $100, due and payable to P&L within 48 hours following the festival.
5. Any Vendor that discards its display(s) or any type of “bulk” material not considered normal refuse accumulated during HCTF must make arrangements for removal at its own expense.
6. Vendor passes provided must be worn by all Vendors during HCTF. Any Vendor found obtaining passes for those other than legitimate assistants will be barred from any and all future festivals.
7. Vendor agrees to confine their exhibit within the contracted booth space. Also, the Vendor agrees not to block or detour any other Vendors’ right-of-way during festival hours. Displays, merchandise, models, and signs shall be confined to the Vendor’s booth.
8. No signs, partitions, apparatus, shelving, etc. may extend more than 8’ above the floor. Noisy equipment, amplified speech, music, distracting bright lights, visual slides, or voices that may annoy or distract other Vendors or registrants, and utilizing space outside a booth or in the aisles are prohibited.
9. HCTF MANAGEMENT, Sponsors, and Earlyworks Museums (the Roundhouse) shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, injury, or theft that may occur to the exhibit representative or property for any cause whatsoever prior to, during, or subsequent to the period covered by the exhibit contract. The Vendor, upon making payment for the space, expressly releases HCTF MANAGEMENT, Sponsors, and Earlyworks Museums (the Roundhouse) from, and agrees to indemnify the same against, any and all claims for such loss, damage, or injury.
10. The Vendor is entirely responsible for the leased space and shall not injure, mar, or deface the premises. The Vendor shall not drive, nor permit to be driven, any pins, nails, hooks, tacks, or screws in any part of the Facility. Furthermore, Vendor shall not affix to the walls or windows of the Facility any advertisements, signs, etc., or use tape or any other adhesive-type material on painted surfaces. The Vendor agrees to reimburse the HCTF MANAGEMENT and/or Earlyworks Museums for any loss or damage occurring to the premises or equipment.
11. Vendor is responsible for the payment of any damage charges assessed by the market venue for accidental damage caused by Vendor or for failure to observe the rules and regulations for the construction and operations of his/her booth.
12. Vendor, at their own expense, shall purchase and maintain comprehensive general liability insurance. Vendor shall also maintain workers compensation coverage for all staff, assistants, or volunteers hired to staff Vendor’s booth.
13. SMOKING is NOT prohibited INSIDE or OUTSIDE the venue premises.
14. HCTF MANAGEMENT reserves the right to cancel this agreement and withhold possession of exhibit space if the Vendor fails to perform any material condition of this agreement or refuses to abide by HCTF Rules & Regulations, in which case the Vendor shall forfeit booth payment.
15. Vendor agrees to allow HCTF MANAGEMENT to use their business name, product images, and information for marketing purposes including on the HCTF website, and to promote the Vendor’s business during the trade festival and the program as a whole.
16. Vendor agrees that photo/video images taken by HCTF MANAGEMENT staff or their agents, as well as images submitted as required as part of this application, may be used in marketing the Vendor’s business for HCTF MANAGEMENT.
17. Vendor and their employees, agents, and guests shall NOT consume any alcoholic beverages on venue premises. Violation shall be grounds for removing Vendor and exhibit from HCTF without refund.
18. Any and all City, County, State, or Federal licenses, inspections, or permits required by law of any Vendor in the installation or operation of his or her display shall be obtained by the Vendor at his or her own expense prior to the opening of HCTF.
19. HCTF MANAGEMENT may sell, assign, or transfer any or all of its rights, benefits, privileges, obligations, or duties under this agreement.
20. HCTF MANAGEMENT may amend these terms and conditions and documents included herein by reference, and each Vendor shall be bound thereby. In the event of any amendments or additions to these regulations, written notices will be given by HCTF MANAGEMENT to such Vendors as may be affected by them. In addition, HCTF MANAGEMENT may post or publish notice of such amendments as it may think appropriate or find practical. HCTF MANAGEMENT may also amend the exhibit schedule without notice.
21. If this agreement is cancelled by Vendor for any reason, or by HCTF MANAGEMENT because of Vendor's default or violation of this agreement, monies paid to HCTF MANAGEMENT by Vendor shall be retained as follows:
If cancellation occurs 60 days or more before the start of the Festival, HCTF MANAGEMENT shall retain 25% of the total rental and return the balance to Vendor. If cancellation occurs within 60 days of HCTF, the entire rental paid to date by Vendor shall be retained by HCTF MANAGEMENT. The retained rental shall be liquidated damages for the direct and indirect costs incurred by HCTF MANAGEMENT for organizing, setting up, and providing space for Vendor and additional expenses caused by Vendor's withdrawal including reletting the space. All cancellations must be in writing and are effective upon receipt.
22. DISPUTES and RESOLUTION The decision or opinion of HCTF MANAGEMENT in the interpretation of this contract shall be final and binding on Vendor. Parties are prohibited from initiating legal action against the other for the purpose of enforcement of this contract. Resolution steps shall be as follows: a) Both parties shall employ their best effort to resolve any dispute. b) If dispute cannot be resolved, mediation or standard alternative dispute resolution according to the prevailing laws of the State of Alabama shall be employed. c) If all other efforts fail, both parties agree to submit to binding arbitration with the costs equally split by both parties. Place of execution and court of jurisdiction of any judgement misunderstandings and disputes between Vendor and HCTF MANAGEMENT is the Court of Common Pleas, County of Madison.
23. BOOTH INCLUDES: at least a 10x10 Open Space. Booths must be staffed at all times during HCTF hours. All garbage must be moved into the aisles at the end of each day. No helium-filled balloons. Placement of stickers on persons or Earlyworks Museum grounds will be not permitted.
24. SALES Attendees should be able to sample products. Any and all retail purchases of products and/or equipment for home use is up to the individual vendor. Please feel free to sample as many products as you wish. A limited kitchen is on-site for ware washing and waste water dumping. These activities are sole responsibilities of the vendor. Vendors are responsible for providing their own hot water and assessing their electric needs. If you require additional electric, please make your request on the additional services form. Dairy products (for vendors who pre-order) will be delivered to booths Sunday morning. It is the responsibility of vendors to provide their own coolers. Vendor registration (during set‐up and HCTF) will be conducted inside the Roundhouse entrance. Pets are not allowed.
25. VENDOR’S TRANSIENT LICENSE The State of Alabama requires a transient vendor’s license when the person who, in the usual course of his business, transports inventory, stock of goods, or similar personal property to a temporary place of business in a county in which he has no fixed place of business, for the purpose of making retail sales of such property. Vendor recognizes that they have all proper licensing and will properly report all sales made during the Festival in accordance with the appropriate sales tax regulations. It is up to the individual vendor for compliance if engaging in retail sales.
26. FIRE PREVENTION CODE ALL materials used for decorations must be flame resistant, capable of meeting Match Flame Test.
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