Amherst Historic Preservation Plan Survey
The Town of Amherst has a variety of historic and cultural resources for residents and guests to enjoy. By responding to this 18 question survey, you will help the Town gain insight about what you value most of Amherst's history and cultural heritage. The survey results will inform the update of the Amherst Historic Preservation Plan that is being drafted by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission in collaboration with the Amherst Planning Department and Amherst Historical Commission. Your participation is valued and greatly appreciated!
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East Village Barn
Do you believe that the preservation of Amherst's historic and cultural resources is a worthwhile goal? *
If you chose yes to the question above, do you think the Town is doing its part in protecting these resources? If you chose no, please explain your answer.
In your view, which features are most important in defining Amherst's historic and cultural character? Please rank importance on a scale of 1 (no impact) to 5 (major impact)
Historic Buildings of any type and style
Streetscapes and Neighborhoods
Downtown Amherst/Village Centers
Scenic Roads (corridors)
Archaeological Resources
Farms & Agricultural Landscapes
Open Spaces/Conservation Lands
Scenic Views (specific)
Cultural Landscapes
Artifacts, such as the Civil War Tablets
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Amherst Civil War Tablets
How well do you feel the Town's current regulations provide adequate protection for preserving historic properties and landscapes?
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The town has undertaken several preservation-related efforts since the Historical Commission was established in the early 1970s. In your opinion, how much impact have the following efforts had on preserving the historic character of Amherst? Please rank importance on a sale of 1 (no impact) to 5 (major impact)
State Inventory of Historic Resources
National Register of Historic Places Designations
West Cemetery Preservation Plan
Improvements to West Cemetery
Annual Preservation Awards
Bylaw for the Preservation of Historically Significant Buildings
Passage of the Community Preservation Act
Programming such as the Dickinson District Guidebook & Amherst Writers Walk
Amherst Business Improvement District
Creation of Local Historic Districts
Amherst Center Cultural District
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Amherst uses the following tools and techniques to support preservation of the town's historic character. Please choose your top five most important.
Are you in favor of expanding the North Prospect-Lincoln-Sunset Local Historic District to include the East Pleasant Street properties and preserving the streetscape across from Kendrick Park?
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Can you please explain your answer?
To what extent do you feel the existing historic preservation regulations and policies in Amherst impact the following:
A lot
Not at all
Preservation of Historic Buildings
Compatible Neighborhood Development
Appropriate New Construction
Economic Benefits
Increase in Heritage Tourism
Environmental Protection
Protection and Storage of Town Records
Resiliency of Historic and Cultural Resources
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How well do you think the Town is balancing Historic Preservation goals with other development related goals?
Not Enough
Supporting a variety of housing choices
Compatible new construction
Economic development
Mixed use and pedestrian oriented
Environmental sensitivity
Preserving neighborhood character
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Emily Dickinson Museum
Which historic and cultural resources in Amherst are you most concerned about? Choose your top 5.
What specific measures do you believe should be taken to protect and enhance Amherst's unique historic character?
What groups, areas in town, and/or histories do you feel have been underrepresented in past efforts to document and preserve the Town's history?
What type of programming would you like to have available regarding Amherst's history and culture?
What is the most interesting thing that you know or would like to learn more about regarding the history of Amherst?
Daniel Kellogg House (circa 1758)
Tell us about yourself:
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Which age group are you in?
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Is there anything else you would like to add?
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