Hyde Park Historical Society Community Archiving of COVID-19
COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, is a worldwide pandemic that has had wide reaching impacts on every member of our community.

The Hyde Park Historical Society wants to hear from you about how you, your family, and our community are being affected. Please tell us your story so we can add your voice to the history of our community. While the Historical Society is focused on the Hyde Park Township area, we value responses from anyone who would like to participate.

Please use this form to share your story with us.

If you would like to share photographs or a video, or both, please email them to hphscovid@gmail.com.

If you would like to submit a diary or journal of your experience, please email it to hphscovid@gmail.com or mail it to the HPHS Headquarters.

Any physical ephemera can be mailed to the Hyde Park Historical Society's Headquarters at 5529 S Lake Park Ave, Chicago, IL 60637. Anything received will not be returned to the sender and will become property of the Historical Society.
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By completing this form, you hereby grant ownership without restriction to the Hyde Park Historical Society, for the use of any and all materials submitted here. Use of the materials may include, but is not limited to, research, education, exhibitions, programs, marketing, reproductions, and promotional purposes. You also grant us permission to share your contribution on our website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.
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Demographic Information
We are collecting demographic information so that researchers and future generations can better understand how COVID-19 effected different members of our communities, e.g. college students. If you are responding on behalf of your family or household, please use the box at the end of the section.
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Information about families or household or if you'd like to share more demographic information.
Tell us how daily life changed.
When did you first become aware of the outbreak? What were your first thoughts or feelings?
Have you experienced an outbreak or epidemic like this before and, if so, what are the similarities or differences?
How did your (and/or your families') daily routine change?
Did your (or your child's) school or place of childcare close? How did this change daily life?
Did your place of business close? Did you still get paid during this time? Were you able to work from home? How did this change daily life?
How did the "stay-at-home" order affect your business or job?
Did social and physical distancing change the way that you interacted with friends, family, and neighbors?
Did social and physical distancing change the way that you went shopping and what you bought?
Have you or any of your family contracted COVID-19?
What community efforts are you aware of or have you participated into address the medical and social aspects of COVID-19?
What has been the effect of COVID-19 on any local organizations that you belong to or know about? i.e. religious institutions, social clubs, community service organizations etc.
Where do you go for local information on COVID-19 and it's effects?
What do you see as the short term effects of COVID-19 on your community?
What do you see as the longer term effects of COVID-19 on your community?
Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
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