GovCon 2019 Artist Submission Form
Every year, Colorado Tourism Office hosts the Governor's Tourism Conference (GovCon), and each year a new theme is developed based on the location of the event. This year, the event is in Denver and we're tapping into our Colorado resources, utilizing amazing artists like you. We would love to include your unique style to help show off our state!

Our theme this year is C Further. We're celebrating the fact that Colorado is a melting pot of fearless and unique perspectives. From here, we can see our present and our future. We can see technology and treetops. We can see milestones and mountains. We can C further.

We’re using the Colorado C as a canvas for artists like you to show your interpretation of Colorado through any art style you please: digital, painting, drawing, photography, 2D, 3D, code, animated...anything. We’ll send you a digital template of the C, then it’s up to you to design it however you’d like. Your artwork will appear on the GovCon website and various collateral around the event (signage, projection, physical awards, and so on).

**Special Call for 3D Art: At the end of the event, the governor gives away seven awards to influential members in the Colorado tourism industry. We would love to use your artwork for our GovCon awards! These can be ceramic, carvings, sculptures, 3d printed, etc. If your medium works best for a GovCon award, we will let you know! (Award artwork schedule can fluctuate from the details and timeline specs stated below. Depending on materials and concept, a final timeline and delivery date will be discussed and approved by both parties (artist and CTO.)**

--Details and Timeline--

Submissions: Please fill out all required fields below. CTO will review your information and be in touch via email if you are selected. Compensation will be offered to artists selected.

Deadline: We will collect final artwork for Cs until May 6th 2019 (note that this is not the final date for the submission form, but the final date for artwork to be submitted). If selected, you will have until May 6th to complete and submit your final artwork. Please note that the earlier you submit, the more your artwork will appear on collateral items as they are completed.

Please contact Jolee McBreen ( with any form issues.

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