MEDLIFE Spring 2019 Intern Application
Hello and welcome! Thank you for applying to be an intern for UCB MEDLIFE team! We are all excited to welcome you to our family :) Please submit this application by Friday 2/1 8pm. Good luck!
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Spanish Intern Questions
You will be helping to teach students in the class at least basic spanish so that they can navigate their way around the brigade itself as well as helping the officers with grading the students' homework and tests.
Why do you want to be a part of the Medlife Spanish team?
What do you think you can contribute to the team? To the class?
How much time can you commit to the position?
Some beginners struggle with the way we present material. Do you think you could come up with different ways to help students retain the Spanish terms and phrases? How?
How would you deal with advanced students in the course so that they are not feeling bored or as if they are wasting their time?
Do you work well with others, in terms of working together to plan the presentations (in this case for class)?
How would you deal with meeting and working with your co-officer if one or the other of you had a time conflict?
Are you available Tuesdays 6pm-8pm
Education Intern Questions
You will be helping teach the Decal each week along with the officers you will be working with and you will also be helping grade assignments and tests for the students. You will also help plan lessons and socials for the students.
Why are you interested in being an Education Intern?
What ideas, if any, do you hope to contribute to the Decal?
What are your other commitments outside of MEDLIFE?
Would you be able to attended class on Tuesdays 6pm-8pm?
Would you be interested in: planning the lessons/grading papers, teaching the Decal, or both?
Logistic Intern Questions
You will be responsible for communicating with Decal students about registration and payment deadlines for the brigade, working with students who are struggling to fund their brigade, and helping students prepare (luggage, flights, itinerary). You will also be helping volunteer trip leaders navigate how to book and plan the optional Machu Picchu trip that happens before the brigade.
Why do you want to be a Logistics Intern?
Do you have any ideas for how you hope to prepare MEDLIFE students for their upcoming brigade?
How do you think Logistics can better help students navigate preparing for their MEDLIFE brigade?
Are you available Tuesdays 6pm-8pm?
Did you fill out the link below to schedule your interview time, or email if you are not available Sunday 12-2pm?
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