Auburn Panhellenic Chapter Announcement/Visit Request
Please complete this form to let the sororities know that you have an announcement for them. Our sororities receive hundreds of announcements and requests each year. Sororities are private organizations and their chapter meetings are a time that sororities meet to conduct their own business. It is up to the discretion of chapter leadership to set the meeting agenda and decide which announcements will be made. Most of the announcements related to visitor requests can be communicated without receiving a visitor. Out of respect for the time of our chapter members, sororities limit the visitors they allow to attend and make announcements. If a sorority would like you to visit and make an announcement, you will hear from the Panhellenic President. Otherwise, you should not visit their chapter. For this reason, the announcement you submit should be as detailed as possible.

When filling out this form be mindful that the chapter leaders get their individual request form the Thursday before the chapter visit week starts.You will hear from the Panhellenic President on the Sunday before the chapter visit week starts with what chapters you will visit for the week.

Again, this form is a request form, not a guarantee that your announcement will be made or that you will be contacted to visit sorority chapter meetings to make your own announcement.

Thank you!

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