2019 Pender HS Parent Survey
Please take a few minutes to read through and fill out. Your opinions are important to us and help the administration and BOE to make better informed decisions for the students of PPS! Thank you for your time.
Email address *
I have children in the following grades: *
Do you feel that Spring PT conferences are necessary? *
Do you feel the educational needs of your son or daughter are being met at PPS? *
Would you like to see Standards Based Grading (like the elementary) added to the secondary level? *
Do you feel that the secondary school provides a challenging curriculum for your child? *
Are meaningful and appropriate amounts of homework are assigned to my student? *
Do you have internet service in your home? *
Are you happy with 1 to 1 technology initiative that the school utilizes? *
Do you use PowerSchool to access your child’s grades? *
Are you satisfied with the communications that come from PPS? *
My child knows the teachers care about him/her. *
I feel that the school leadership cares about the well being of my child. *
I have children involved in PPS extracurricular activities. *
I am satisfied with the extracurricular activities offered at PPS? *
I feel the coaches/sponsors at PPS care about my child. *
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