GOVIS 2018 - Digital Evolution Call for Presentations
One of the most frequently cited successes of GOVIS is its annual conference. In previous years the response to the call for presentations has exceeded supply and we receive more proposals than available presentation slots. This year we’re looking at increasing the quality of the submissions as well as making the selection panel’s evaluation process easier. We expect to attract some compelling and challenging presentations and we look forward to reading your outline.

Presenter Expectations
Conference delegates are looking for different experiences and ways of working. They like material that is not obvious and expect excellence from our presenters. Preparation is one of the most important factors in delivering a successful session at GOVIS. Please keep the following in mind when submitting your presentation outline.

- The proposed outline you submit now must match the talk you actually present at GOVIS

- Vendors wishing to respond must partner with a government agency and make a joint submission with the agency leading the presentation. The submission of presentations which are obviously marketing products or services will not be considered unless strong partnership can be demonstrated. The selection panel is very sensitive to this and any obvious marketing or product presentations will not be considered

- We recommend you commit at least 25 hours to prepare your session

- We strongly encourage you to rehearse the delivery of your presentation for it to be effective; preferably in front of your peers

- Your presentation materials must be completed and submitted to us 3-4 weeks before the conference. The submission date will be confirmed when your presentation is accepted

- If you’re relatively new to presenting then we encourage you to sign up to the free professional presentation training when your presentation is accepted.

Presentation Options
In total there are 20 presentation slots and the timeframe ranges from 40-75 minutes. The longer sessions tend to focus on a keynote or plenary session which involves presenting to all delegates (approx. 250). The 40 minute sessions are smaller in size with participation ranging from 30-40 delegates. The quality of your response will also influence what type of speaking slot is allocated by the selection panel.

Main Contact
To begin the submission process, please enter below the contact details for the main contact that the selection committee will use to contact presenters about the progress of their submission. A response receipt will be sent to this email address on completion of the submission.

Email address *
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Position (Main Contact) *
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Organisation (Main Contact) *
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Requirements for Presentation Proposal
Presentation Title *
The title should spark the curiosity of a delegate and entice them to want to attend. This will be published in the conference programme.
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Presentation Description *
This should provide the selection panel with an understanding of what your presentation will cover. It should include an outline of the basic idea of your presentation and clearly describe how the presentation aligns with the conference theme, Digital Evolution
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Presentation Precis *
This is limited to 100 words and will be published in the conference programme. Please note that upon acceptance of your presentation you will have the chance to confirm the content.
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Video Audition:
In the spirit of the conference theme, digital evolution, we invite you to provide a URL with a 3 minute video including the following:

1. Introduce yourself
2. Your topic and why you’re passionate about it
3. How does your presentation inspire others and what is one thing you’d like delegates to takeaway.

You have 3 minutes to “wow” the selection committee about your personality and presentation skills. The video does not need to be professional – a phone or webcam video is acceptable. If you choose not to submit a video then your presentation description must cover #2 and #3.

Will you be providing a video audition? *
Video Audition URL
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No, I will not be submitting a video audition
If you selected "No" to providing a video audition, please answer the following questions. What is your topic and why are you passionate about it?
Your topic and why you’re passionate about it
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How will your presentation inspire others and what is one thing you’d like delegates to takeaway?
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Presenter Information (who will be presenting on the day)
Please enter the presenter's name, position, organisation, email address and phone number. Please ensure this is complete and accurate as name, position and organisation will be published in the conference programme. If the main contact as listed above is presenting, you do not need to repeat this information.
Presenter - Full Name
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Presenter - Position
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Presenter - Organisation
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Biography *
This is limited to 200-300 words and the aim is to assist the selection panel in knowing more about you as a presenter so please highlight any achievements, notable projects and/or experiences that you think will support the submission.
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The timetable is as follows:

Call for Presentations opens: 12 December 2017
Call for Presentations closes: 13 February 2018
Papers selected, presenters confirmed: 29 March 2018
Conference: 21-22 June 2018

For queries about this form or the conference
Please contact the Conference Organisers, Paardekooper and Associates.

Telephone: +64 4 562 8259

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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