2019 United Way Social Enterprise Accelerator Fund Application
Grant Deadline: Friday June 21st 2019 at 4:00pm
Note: Late applications will not be accepted

For more information on the application or program, please contact Jude Brunt, Manager of Community Investment with the United Way at jude@unitedwaysibc.com or at 250-860-2356 extension 106.

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Your application will be evaluated on the following criteria and considerations:

Social Impact: Demonstrate measurable ways you create change, solutions, and outcomes for a clearly articulated social issue. Demonstrate your local impact. Show how you can deliver a solution that works. Traction is essential. Demonstrate how your product or service is already (or very close to it) making a difference.

Sustainability: Demonstrate your ability to generate revenue (not grants and donations). Show your ability to consistently deliver the solution without exhausting financial and other resources. Improve sustainability compared to the current status quo.

Team: Ideas often fail because of poor leadership. Demonstrate a strong team, relevant experience, and supportive advisors and/or partners. Also consider the team outside of your organization and demonstrate how you collaborate with others.

Innovation: Demonstrate how you address a community, social, or environmental problem in an effective way. Show how your solution works today, tomorrow, and in the future. Demonstrate how you can grow your solution to create more impact.

Presentation: Tell a clear story. Connect to the emotional side of your social issue as well as the rational side of a sustainable solution. Attach a pitch deck or storytelling deck to your submission. Download pitch deck template: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xL7S5SMAZaU248H32AzWSJkzrhHCsUpy?usp=sharing

The Pitch
Shortlisted applicants will be invited to “pitch” their idea to the Selection Panel members in person on Thursday July 4th (with presentations between 4 - 8 pm). Please use the attached pitch deck as a reference. Applicants will have 10 minutes to deliver a short, concise pitch. The pitch could cover information relating to your social enterprise; who your customers are, the social impact of your enterprise and how you measure it, your partners, sustainability, what collaboration means to you, how you plan to generate revenue, what you have accomplished or relevant milestones, etc.

The evaluation of your pitch will form part of the overall evaluation of your application. Please note that you MUST be available to present to the Selection Panel on the evening of Thursday July 4th.

All Social Enterprise Accelerator Fund applicants must:

-Be a registered charitable organization
-Already have some measurable traction or progress on an existing social enterprise (revenue, customers, partners, product or service built etc.)
-Be within the geographic boundaries of the United Way SIBC ie. within the Central, South or North Okanagan
-Demonstrate sufficient resources, capacity and commitment to deliver the project for which they are applying
-Ensure the project addresses current social problems, challenges or issues

I confirm my organization meets the eligibility criteria above and agrees to the grant and program structure outlined in the Social Enterprise Accelerator Fund Information. *
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