Mom University 2020 Call for Collaborators!
The Call for Collaborators for Mom University 2020 is now open! We are looking for a Keynote Speaker, Breakout Session Speakers, Ignite Speakers, Sponsors, Vendors, and Informational booth providers. Mom U will be held on Sunday, March 29, 2020 at the beautiful Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie, NY. Our 2020 Mom University Conference theme is Finding Balance.

We want to hear all about your awesome mom strategies, inspiring successes, and/or creative services/products for our 2nd annual conference exclusively for moms! Send them our way using the application form below.

* If you are applying to be a Speaker (Keynote, Breakout Session, or Ignite), please consider our Mission, Vision and Conference theme (all noted below) when creating your presentation. If you are a Speaker that is affiliated with a multi-level marketing company, we ask that your workshop/presentation does not overtly contain any sales pitches.

* If you are applying to speak as a Mom in the know about a particular topic and you do not own a business, we encourage you to complete this application in order to speak during our "Ignite" session. For more information on how to give a great Ignite speech, please visit:

* If you are applying to serve as a Vendor or Sponsor, we are looking for unique businesses that are not affiliated with a multi-level marketing company.

*If you are accepted as a 2020 Mom U Collaborator, we will email you with our Contract and a link for payment for those that this applies to (namely, Vendors and Sponsors.)

Our Mission and Vision:
At Mom University, we motivate moms to master motherhood! Our mission is to arm moms with practical solutions to everyday problems with the goal of making life easier for them - all in a supportive, drama-free and judgement-free space where moms can relax, recharge, and learn how to thrive not just in motherhood, but in life.

- Please note that all submissions will be considered but not all accepted. We have 1 Keynote Session spot, 16 Breakout Session Spots, and 6 Ignite Session spots.

- Speaking Proposals that incorporate our conference theme, as well as focus on practical, and helpful strategies for Moms to walk away with are encouraged.

- Breakout Session Speaker presentations must be developed for a 50-minute workshop. Participants will be choosing from 1 of 3 Breakout Sessions to attend. There will be a total of 4 sessions throughout the day, with 4 Speakers speaking in different classrooms. Each workshop will contain anywhere from approximately 15-40+ attendees. Ignite Session Speakers will be speaking for a total of 5 minutes, to our entire Mom U audience.

- We will be hiring an IT Company for all of our IT needs. We will contact all accepted speakers with clear instructions about IT and what will be made available to you the day of of the event.

- One "informational" table displaying all of our Speakers and Sponsors company literature will be made available to ALL Mom U attendees in the main Dining ("West Gallery") room. Vendors information will be expected to be displayed/made available on their own separate Vendor tables.

- Breakout session Speakers, when not presenting, are invited and strongly encouraged to attend Mom U for the day - free of charge - as a participant! This includes breakfast and lunch, workshops, and swag bags. Ignite Speakers will be given a 10% ticket discount and have access to the same perks as our Breakout Session Speakers. Speakers will also be considered for our Mommy Dash membership program. This is an amazing opportunity to gain exposure for your company or services and to help mom's live their best life (or one in which they can function in!)

- Vendors will be given a dedicated space in either our Mom Marketplace and must be selling merchandise for purchase the DAY of the event. Vendors will be expected to stay for the entire duration of Mom University. Vendors will be expected to arrive early the morning of Mom U to set up their tables.

- Vendors must be in the business of serving Moms, children, families, and/or the community-at-large.

- Vendors will be supplied with one, rectangular, table (6ft. long/30 inches wide) and a chair. More than 1 chair can be provided if needed.

- We are not accepting applications from businesses that are affiliated with multi-level marketing companies. Instead, we are looking to support locally-owned, small businesses. Vendors are encouraged to think outside of the box with their displays. We're looking to bring Vendors out from behind "the table" and have a more interactive, non-traditional marketplace.

- We ask that each Vendor supply a raffle item giveaway that will be announced to a winner at the end of the day.

- A non-refundable Vendor fee of $150 will be required. Please request a Vendor contract

-If you are interesting in sponsoring Mom U 2020, please scroll down and click on the link to review our Sponsorship packages. This document will show you the various levels of sponsorship. Once you confirm which level of sponsorship you are interested in, we will email you a contract form and link for payment. Sponsors who would like to attend Mom U may be required to purchase a ticket depending on the level of sponsorship chosen. Certain Sponsorship levels will include a Mom U ticket(s).

All Proposals must be submitted no later than September 15, 2020.
All Speakers, Vendors, Sponsors, Informational Booth requests will be notified of acceptance status via email by (or before) October 15, 2020.

If your partnership proposal is accepted, and upon your agreement to participate, we will request a bio and a brief (less than 150 words) description of your workshop and/or business that will be used in publicity and marketing materials, including the conference program. We will also email you a Contract and link for payment (for those that this applies to - namely, Vendors and Sponsors.)

For any questions regarding the submission process or form, please email

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Please provide a descriptive narrative for your keynote OR breakout session workshop. The narrative should identify the basic message of your talk and why moms would want to attend. If you are a Sponsor/Vendor/Ignite Speaker/Spa Provider, please provide your mission statement (or personal statement if you do not own a business). *
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What will moms learn during your keynote/workshop/Ignite session? If you are a Vendor, what product(s)/service will you be selling? *
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Explain what moms will take away from your talk/session. If you are a Vendor, please describe the raffle item you will be bringing and its approximate value. If you are a Sponsor who would like to contribute a raffle item (not required), please describe what that item will be and its approximate value. *
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Thank you for your interest in sharing your work! We will be in touch by October 15th!
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