A call to all Foreigners Residing in Korea
Once a Veteran, Always a Veteran. This is an initiative to galvanize a movement to be of service to the gallant Koreans who are trying to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Few Ethiopians residing in Korea picked up the initiative that we cannot be an onlooker while the nation is on an all-out war to curb the rapid spread of the virus that is affecting the nation. While our forefathers were once here in Korea during Korean War, the tie between the two nations was written in blood, and those of us who live under the sky of Korea would love to be of service in any way or manner on the ongoing war.

To that end, we not only call upon Ethiopians but all foreigners residing in Korea to contribute in anyway or manner possible. Of course one way of contribution would be taking the basic precaution from being a cause to the spread. But that aside, we have opened an account commonly overseen by few individuals updated instantly with the automatic texts every time there is a transaction. We collect donations, we have a list where you could volunteer to donate blood, or people in the medical field (nursing or medical doctors) who could at least share some of their time in reducing the overstretched medical centers in various medical facilities. Once we have the list ready we would inform the Korean Center for Diseases Control & Prevention (KCDC).

This is an opportunity to show solidarity and our gesture that we stand with our kind host Korea and we support them. The meagerly money that we collect or the volunteer work we are willing to do might not tip the balance but it would be a true testament that we are there with them spiritually and it will defiantly be a morale boost. It will also be our way of express our appreciation in what is being done to us as a hospitable host.

Best regards

To contact organizers

Bereket Alemayehu (English)
Phone: +82-10-4455-5494
Joe David/Sisay Arega (Korean/English)
Phone: +82-10-2976-4005
Zenebe Abera (English)
Phone: +82-10-3311-8323

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