Pet Store Report form
Please fill this Pet Store Report form out after or during a visit to your local Pet Store. A spreadsheet will be generated and we will be emailed to alert us of the new form submission. Positive reviews may result in a recommendation for Pet Store of the Month.
What is the name of the store? *
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What is the physical address of the store? *
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What is the website address of the store? (if any) *
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What is the store manager's name? (please ask)
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What is the email address of the store? (please ask)
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Have you been to this store before? *
What kind of hermit crab enclosure did they have?
Please describe the hermit crab enclosure
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Does the water bowl have enough water in it? *
Does the food bowl have food in it? *
Is the humidity above 80%? *
Is the temperature above 75oF / 24oC? *
What substrate do they use? *
If other, what was the substrate?
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Do they have suitable seashells near the hermit crabs? *
Was there areas in the enclosure for the hermit crabs to climb and hide? *
Are the hermit crabs overcrowded? *
Do they sell marine-grade salt mix for hermit crabs? *
Do they have digital gauges for temperature and humidity available for sale? *
Do they sell water conditioner that removes nitrites and ammonia? *
Do they sell heat mats? *
Do they sell thermostats? *
Do they sell rheostats? *
Do they sell UVA lights? *
Do they sell UVB lights? *
Do they sell spirulina? *
Do they sell blood worms? *
Do they sell meal worms? *
Do they sell dried baby shrimp? *
Do they sell hermit crab food with ethoxyquin? (see list on *
Do they sell cuttlebone? *
Do they sell plastic plants? *
Do they sell driftwood? *
Do they sell other hermit crab safe wood? *
What other products do they have available for hermit crabs?
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What species of hermit crabs did they sell? If not sure, please ask staff.
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Where employees helpful and friendly? *
Where employees knowledgeable? *
Would you recommend this store? *
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