Rebel Queen Codes 1:1 VIP Mentorship - Application Form
Hey gorgeous! I'm so happy you're here & feeling curious about working together 1:1.

Living as a Rebel Queen means living fully expressed in your feminine - wild, body-based, pleasure-filled & desire led.

I'm all about success as a byproduct of you being your most juicy self, not based on sacrifice and slaving prepared to be celebrated into your feminine BEINGNESS, so that you can chill a bit on the masculine BUSYNESS our society is so in love with ;)

What I offer you isn't just a living transmission, dripping with codes, or Quantum transformation, it's the opportunity to access all of this while being held in a container of unconditional love & permission, with a crystal clear vision of you in your full feminine expression.

I only take a small number of women on per year in this capacity, so please complete the below questionnaire to see if we are a fit.

If we're a fit, I'll contact you via email on next steps! Exciting!!

Take your time filling this out - I’m looking for your desire, I’m looking for your commitment, and I’m so ready for you to blossom, babe, so let me see that in your application.

I love you, you are magic xoxo
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If we're aligned to work together, are you willing to invest in yourself emotionally and financially to do what it takes to unlock your Rebel Queen and get started right away? My 1:1 mentorships run for 6months for an investment of GBP £1888/month or £11,111 in Full *
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