Northwest Magic Conference Teacher Application
Thank you for your interest in teaching at the  7th Annual Northwest Magic Conference!  Thank you for filling out this form. Please give three ideas of classes you would like to offer.   Please send full class descriptions that are website ready. We get many inquiries and do our best to find the right fit in classes for each year.  All classes are 90 minutes with a few 75 min spots. Please email Nicole at if you have any questions.  Thank you!  
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Teacher Requirements and Agreements
1. Be dedicated to anti-oppression in your teaching and practices. If you have white privilege, educate yourself about what this looks like.

2. Teach from your own culture/s and ancestral lineage/s.  If you have been given a teaching from someone of a culture other than your own, please acknowledge and give credit.  Please have explicit permission to share.  It's super helpful to start class off letting students  know where you are coming from, about your cultural background and your teachers.  

3.  Be willing to center the opinions and experiences of  BIPOC folks, especially if you have white privilege. Be prepared to facilitate a conversation that is welcoming for marginalized groups. Be willing to interrupt unproductive, inappropriate behaviors or imbalanced group dynamics.

4. If you are offered feedback from a marginalized person, listen, learn, and be willing to change.

5. Be respectful of gender pronouns and sexual identities. If you are not sure, do not assume. Asking someone what pronouns they use is acceptable. Offering your own pronouns is helpful. Assuming a person’s gender based on body parts is not acceptable.

6. Do not make assessments of health based on a person’s body type, weight, or ability; Absolutely no fat shaming.

*BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. This distinction is important because it acknowledges the specific cultural oppression of Black and Indigenous folks, whose bodies were slaughtered, and used in genocide and slavery for colonization. They have a specific experience of racism in this country, different than that of folks who immigrated here from other places. While racism impacts all people of color, Black and Indigenous peoples have the added cultural history of genocide and slavery that should be acknowledged and repaired, whenever and wherever possible. BIPOC serves to acknowledge and be a part of that necessary work.

Please also read the code of ethics on the website. Thank you!
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Thank you so much!  You will hear back soon if you are selected to teach. 
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