Community Wellness Connections MY PLEDGE
I pledge to be an active participant in Community Wellness Connections (CWC) by learning about each of the eight dimensions of health, one every three months for the next two years and engage in at least two activities that pertain to each dimension.

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SOCIAL: Developing a sense of connection, belonging and a well-developed support system.
The socially well person has a network of friends and family to whom she or he can turn to for support, validation and sharing of life experiences. These relationships are based on interdependence (rather than codependence), mutual trust and respect, equity of power and cultural competence.

Activity Examples:
*Join a club of interest
*Volunteer for a local organization
*Attend a CWC event/activity for Social Health

EMOTIONAL: Coping effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships.
The emotionally well person is able to appropriately express and manage the entire range of feelings, including anger, fear, happiness and sadness. S/he possesses high self-esteem, a sense of humor, and positive body image. This person also seeks support from a mental health professional when needed.

Activity Examples:
*Attend a class on Mindfulness
*Take a Yoga Class
*Attend a CWC event/activity for Emotional Health

SPIRITUAL: Expanding a sense of purpose and meaning in life.
The spiritually well person seeks meaning and purpose in human existence. S/he develops an appreciation for the depth and expanse of life and the natural forces that exist in the universe.

Activity Examples:
*Seek out a faith
*Attend a meditation class
*Participate in a CWC event/activity for Spiritual Health

PHYSICAL: Recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods and sleep.
The physically well person eats when hungry and selects a varied and nutritionally balanced diet. S/he also gets an adequate amount of sleep, engages in moderate to vigorous exercise 3-5 times a week, gets routine medical check-ups appropriate to his or her age and risk factors, and takes safety precautions.

Activity Examples:
*Get an annual physical exam or dental exam
*Eat three servings of vegetables a day
*Exercise moderately to vigorously at least 150 minutes per week
*Attend a CWC event/activity for physical health

OCCUPATIONAL: Personal satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work.
The occupationally well person fulfills a socially defined role that is both stimulating and inherently rewarding. S/he chooses a role (or several roles) that are consistent with beliefs, goals, lifestyle, personality and values.

Activity Examples:
*Attend a job fair
*Take advantage of an educational opportunity at your place of employment
*Visit a career counselor
*Attend a job/volunteer fair
*Attend a CWC event/activity for Occupational Health

FINANCIAL: Satisfaction with current and future financial situations.
Financial Wellness involves the process of learning how to successfully manage financial expenses. Keeping track of expenses, making a budget, and sticking to it are important skills to have in order to be finically responsible and independent. Learning how to maximize your financial wellness now will help you feel prepared to handle potentially stressful financial situations in the future.

Activity Examples:
*Attend a budget workshop
*Meet with a financial counselor
*Learn about retirement planning
*Attend a CWC event/activity for Financial Health

INTELLECTUAL: Recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills.
The intellectually well person values education and engages in lifelong learning, and pursues activities that increase knowledge, develop moral reasoning, foster critical thinking and expand worldviews. In addition, s/he appreciates the fine arts, and values intuition, empathy and understanding as forms of knowing.

Activity Examples:
*Take a class about something you are interested in learning about
*Go back to school to pursue more education
*Visit your library
*Study a subject/interest on your own
*Attend a CWC event/activity for Intellectual Health

ENVIRONMENTAL: Good health by occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support well-being.
The environmentally well person recognizes the earth's preciousness, and strives to minimize wasteful consumption or unnecessary destruction of animals, plant, elements or energy. S/he engages in recycling and conservation, protects natural resources, and strives for living spaces free of health hazards. An environmentally well person also is concerned with personal safety and is aware of his/her surroundings.

Activity Examples:
*Volunteer to participate in a clean- up project
*Recycle more often
*Participate in a neighborhood watch program
*Spend time outdoors
*Reduce, reuse and recycle more often
*Attend a CWC event/activity for environmental health

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