Trans*/Queer Memory Crafting, Storytelling and Zine-Making Workshop
- Social Justice Workshop at the UCSB MultiCultural Center -

Trans*/Queer Memory Crafting, Storytelling and Zine-Making Workshop
2-Day Workshop in the MCC Lounge
Tuesday, February 7, 1-4 pm
Wednesday, February 8, 11-2 pm
~ Free workshop & open to all ~

Have you ever wondered why being queer and/or trans* is typically narrated with stories of falling in love, coupling, and sexual experience? Can we envision other everyday scenarios to help us make sense of our bodies and our place in the world?

In this workshop, Brazilian artist Lino Arruda will lead students through the mechanics of zine-making to open a conversation about what it means to be trans* and queer when situated in the banal details of day-to-day living. What’s queer/trans* about taking the bus, cooking a meal, or even sleeping?

The goal is to create a safe space to collectively access, edit and fictionalize personal child/teen/adult memories about our queer/trans* lives. After carefully crafting stories of self-representation, participants will gather their works into a collective zine, so that other community members can identify with an ever growing alternative archive made by/for queer/trans* folks.

Lino Arruda is an Institute for LGBT Studies/Fulbright Visiting Scholar from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brasil) where they research monstrosity and animality within travesti/trans* sudaca self-representations in countercultural settings

**Registration is required to attend. SPACE IS LIMITED - please ONLY register if you are able to make this commitment.**
Registration closes on February 1, 2017

Questions? Please email Dr. Jennifer Tyburczy at

~~~~THANK YOU SHOUT OUTS: This workshop is generously sponsored by the Multicultural Center, the Office of Student Affairs, the Hull Chair in Feminist Studies, the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, the New Sexualities Research Focus Group, the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, and the LGBTQ Studies Minor in the Department of Feminist Studies at UCSB.

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