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This form is for individuals who believe in the ideology of revolutionary humanism, and wish to join the International Revolutionary Humanist Movement.

By filling in this form, they will receive updates about the inner workings of the movement and plans for future actions that will be undertaken.

We highly recommend you fully read our Statement of Principles:

The first three Principles of revolutionary humanism are known as the Core Principles, and they are non-negotiable. Anyone who wishes to join the IRHM must agree with all three Core Principles. For the sake of clarity, here are the Core Principles:


Principle 1: Classical Liberalism (Core Principle)
Classical Liberalism is a philosophy that developed in Europe in the 1700s as a result of theocratic and aristocratic oppression of the masses. The following are its core tenets:

1. Freedom of speech and expression (the only exception being direct calls to, or threats of, violence),
2. Freedom of religion: the freedom to practice any religion or no religion, without persecution,
3. Freedom of the press (freedom from government control or repression),
4. Freedom of peaceful assembly,
5. Freedom of markets, and
6. Limited government; the role of government should be minimal, and limited to as few functions as possible.

Principle 2: Secularism (Core Principle)
The conventional definition of secularism may be phrased as the removal of religious influence from government, politics, and the legal system. Though this may seem to be an exhaustive definition, it is not. In the eyes of revolutionary humanism, secularism is a state of active non-imposition of an individual's religious or nonreligious views on any other individual. The revolutionary humanist's secularism can be expressed as follows;

"Unto you your religion, or lack of one, and unto me my religion, or lack of one. As long as you live and let live, I will do the same."

Principle 3: Humanism (Core Principle)
Humanism has been defined, by the International Humanist and Ethical Union, as a democratic and ethical life stance that affirms that human beings have the right and responsibility to give meaning
and shape to their own lives. A more detailed definition can be found here. []

The goal of humanism is the maximizing of human happiness and minimizing of human suffering, irrespective of the sex, age, race, socio-economic status, religion, or nationality of any given human being. Any government policy, any economic system, any way of life that reduces human happiness is to be rejected in favour of one that leads to a relative increase in human happiness.


Now that we have explained what this form is about, and gone through the Core Principles, let us move on to the details.

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You have gone through our Statement of Principles, and understand the need for a new ideology, philosophy and way of life, to save humanity from extinction, and create a global humanist society. Do you agree with the Core Principles of revolutionary humanism (Classical Liberalism, Secularism and Humanism), thus supporting our movement, and our vision? *
On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "Completely Disagree" and 10 being "Completely Agree", respond to the following statement: "I believe that deadly, murderous violence, is justified in a revolutionary situation, when the establishment resorts to violent repression to quell nonviolent action." *
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Though I may not personally agree with every single doctrine, policy, or non-Core Principle of revolutionary humanism or the International Revolutionary Humanist Movement, I will abstain, for the duration of my membership within the IRHM, from any acts of sabotage or subversion that undermine efforts to implement said doctrines, policies and Principles, and will limit my opposition to spoken or written dissent. *
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