Seeking the Wisdom of the Enneagram
The enneagram is system for understanding human personality as a manifestation of our inner motivations. There are nine enneagram types, each with particular inclinations for perceiving, interpreting, and reacting to the world.

In this class you will:
- Understand the enneagram personality typing system and discern your enneagram number
- Learn about yourself and identify unconscious patterns of behavior
- Gain new tools for navigating conflict and growth in your relationships
- Gain empathy and understanding for your friends, partners, family members, etc.
- Build relationships with a cohort of enneagram friends in Alabama

Sign up by September 16 to attend. We need a minimum of six people to make the class. The maximum for the class is 20 people.

The cost to attend is a sliding scale from $120-$300 (pay within your means); this is for 12 two-hour sessions, including a one hour video teaching with Master Enneagram teacher Suzanne Stabile, and a facilitated discussion led by enneagram teacher Lindsey Mullen.

The class will run for 12 sessions in the fall of 2018, at Hickory Hall in Wild Hydrangea community, 249 Taylor Bottoms Blountsville, AL 35031. Class will meet on the following dates, from 6PM-8PM:

Tuesday, Sept 25
Thursday, Sept 27
Tuesday, Oct 2
Thursday, Oct 4
Tuesday, Oct 9
Thursday, Oct 11
Tuesday, Oct 16
Thursday, Oct 18
Tuesday, Oct 23
Thursday, Oct 25
Tuesday, Oct 30
Thursday, Nov 1

Registration deadline is September 15. You can attend only the first class session for $30; payment in full for the following classes is expected by class #2. Additional classes cannot be prorated for attendance; the class is intended as a series and classes won't stand alone well.

About the teachers:

Lindsey Mullen has a bachelor’s degree in Social Justice Studies and a Master of Divinity from Wake Forest University. Her work with the enneagram began in 2015; she guides workshops in the Basics of the Enneagram, the Enneagram at Work, and the Enneagram in Relationships.

Suzanne Stabile is a highly sought after speaker and teacher, known for her engaging laugh, personal vulnerability and creative approach to Enneagram instruction. Suzanne’s first book is The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery. Her second book, The Path Between us: An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships was released in April 2018.

This class will be led by Lindsey, using materials created by Suzanne Stabile.

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This class is offered on a sliding scale from $120 ($10/class) to $360 ($30/class). What are you able to contribute?
Sliding scale offering is a practice of generosity based on the idea that people will contribute as they are able. The practice asks each person to assess with honestly their own ability to give. If you are only attending the first class, the cost is $30, deductible from your overall cost if you decide to attend the whole series.
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