Airdrops 425,000 XoXo
To celebrate the launch of XoXo project we are dropping 10% XoXo to the community
Only 10,000 members participated and performed the tasks received
Each member who joins and completes our missions will receive 425,000 XoXo + 52,500 XoXo for each invited friend and maximum of 30 friends
Events Airdrops and Self Airdrops will be held within 20 days

Each invite to receive more +52,500 XoXo maximum invite 30 friends

[ Invite code : Use your telegram username as referral code]

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0ETH (10,000 wallet) 10,000 wallet addresses have received XoXo from 0eth, Buying with 0 ETH has ended, don't worry. Please join to buy Selfdrops

-Send 0.01–0.099 ETH to smart contract to buy automatically> 0.01 ETH = 1,250,000 XoXo
-Send 0.1–0.99 ETH to smart contract to buy automatically> 0.1 ETH = 12,500,000 XoXo
-Send 1–3 ETH to smart contract to buy automatically> 1 ETH = 125,000,000 XoXo
*The bonus is manually distributed after 2 hours from the time of purchase*

Smart contract


Customize Gas

Gas Price (GWEI) : 10 — Gas Limit : 100000

Do you join Selfdrops or not? *
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