YES. I believe everyone should have a fair shot at wellbeing.
When you sign on to the Wellbeing Blueprint, you are joining a movement of like-minded changemakers committed to using this painful moment in history to transform our systems and country. You are connecting your efforts with others’ work, to build public will and an irresistible case for more sweeping national transformation.

By signing on, you are endorsing these six principles:
1. Start with what matters to people: wellbeing.
2. Push against harms being concentrated in communities already facing the greatest adversity.
3. Build on, instead of undermining, social connections and social capital in communities.
4. Build financial stability.
5. Span boundaries.
6. Set our default to sustaining transformation beyond the pandemic.

You are signaling your commitment to act and learn. For example, you might commit to:
• making durable change in your community, institution, field or networks towards one or more recommendations;
• joining a cohort of changemakers for action and learning
• bringing back lessons to help and strengthen everyone’s efforts;
• helping to shape the continuing evolution of the Blueprint

You are signaling your commitment to building movement and mobilizing others by:
• bringing this blueprint to your networks and individuals to build visibility, make it stronger, more specific, more inclusive; and drive change.
• identifying others who are doing this work (bright spots) by lifting structural changes that support the community and show what is possible.
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