If you have questions about this form please contact Please fill out this form and submit.The Do Not Prosecute Directive (DNP)

The DNP / Last Will and Testament was developed by the Alliance of American Drug User Unions, called the Urban Survivors Union. The DNP at this time holds no legal value, but this should not not diminish, in any way, our conviction that no one be prosecuted in the event of our unintentional overdose death. The DNP Directive is an advanced directive to be used for instructing family members, instructing law enforcement, district attorneys, judges, and other criminal justice system personnel to forgo prosecution attempts to all persons in the event of our unintentional overdose due to the ingestion of intoxicating substances. Charges to be withheld include those imposed under drug-induced homicide, felony-murder, depraved heart, involuntary or voluntary manslaughter laws and any other malicious prosecution.


This form is to be used by organizations, drug user unions, individuals, and all allies and activists fighting against DRUG-INDUCED HOMICIDE LAWS designed for creating dialogue amongst people who use drugs, their loved ones and all allies, advocates, and activists. Other uses may include criminal justice settings . Courts are encouraged to honor this form in any situation where one has lost their life due to drug overdose. While we understand this order is purely symbolic it is a gesture to express our true intent and should be honored as such.


The Do Not Prosecute (DNP) Directive should be signed by any individual who wants to ensure that NO PERSON be charged or held responsible in the event of their unintentional overdose death. We suggest that all people have conversations with their loved ones about this DNP. There is no substitution for honest family dialogue. Share this information and have conversations about this DNP order.

THE EZ form is a quick form you can sign and it goes directly into our database. Remember the DNP is MOSTLY SYMBOLIC however if you were to die of a drug overdose with your permission we would use this DNP to fight against the application of any drug induced homicide charges.

You can go to our online store and buy a DNP Dog tag to wear in the event of an overdose death.
Although optional, use of a wrist or neck medallion facilitates prompt identification of a person who is a willing participant in the ingestion of potentially deadly substances, avoids the problem of lost or misplaced forms, and is strongly encouraged. You can purchase your DNP Dog Tags at:

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