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This is where you can request review copies of any of my books -- and what's even better: the rules are very simple.

1. Visit my Amazon page or website to seek out your next read. or

2. Once you've chosen your next read, fill out the fields below as fully as possible. Your main concern is that you must have an email addy so that I can send your e-book - and you'll also need to pre-approve my email address in your settings, too. If you have pre-approved the generic in your settings, let me know and I'll send it from my gmail instead, if that makes it easier.

3. Please review within FOUR WEEKS of receiving your e-book. I ask that if your review is less than three stars, please consider not reviewing on sales channels. Please post reviews to Amazon and Goodreads - and anywhere else you post your review is a bonus!

4. Once you've reviewed a book, if you want to come back here and request another book to review, please do so.

If you get stuck, just email me:

Happy reading x

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