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Calm Clarity's social mission is to improve collective mental health and well-being. We do this by providing people who grow up in low-income communities with science-based training to learn skills and techniques to manage stress and anxiety, overcome adversity, develop their leadership ability, and bring forth their inner wisdom to heal and own their journey. In terms of audiences, our priority is to share Calm Clarity training with first-generation and/or low-income (FGLI) college students and with high schools serving low-income communities.

We created this form to better understand how volunteers would like to help us fulfill our social mission.

Please note: Calm Clarity does not yet have the budget to pay full-time staff to run our non-profit programs. We use lean start-up and lean impact methods to prototype, build, and implement impactful programs in a very cost-effective manner by being creatively resourceful, leveraging technology, and collaborating with like-minded organizations and volunteers. Due to limited staffing, we prioritize collaborations with colleges and high schools in the Philadelphia area, where we are based.

To make a difference during the pandemic, we are giving free access to our online course, "A Mind-hacker's Toolkit to Calm Anxiety" (MHTCA course, link here:, as well as guided meditations and articles through our website in a self-serve manner.

At the present, we are also designing, prototyping, and piloting a peer mentorship program in which we train college students (in the Philadelphia area, initially) to share the MHTCA course with their peers, friends, family, and others in their community.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Your response will enable us to thoughtfully create a volunteer engagement function and organize prospective volunteers into appropriate programs, committees, and project teams.

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July 2021
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