Feedback & Suggestions for Bookish Readers Choice Awards
Thank you so much for participating in the inaugural year of the awards!

As this award season comes to a close, I want to spend a bit of time setting things up for next year to make it not only easier for me to run but also increase participation. I've addressed some key areas that I think can be improved on (mostly on timing & length of each voting stage) and am interested in your feedback on what you think went well and ways you think the awards could improve for next year.

Responses are anonymous, unless you choose to tell me who you are on the form. Thanks for participating & thanks for any feedback you have!
How long do you think nominations should be open next year? (3 weeks was not productive)
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What are your thoughts on three voting rounds (all nominations, semi-finals, finals)?
Did you participate in all of the rounds? If no, did you miss announcements? Lose interest? Other?
This year I did not edit nominations if a book was nominated in an inappropriate genre (beyond YA/Adult). Should I move nominations accordingly next year?
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Are we missing any award categories?
Next year, the awards will have a home in the new Goodreads group in addition to my blog. I hope this will reduce the number of people missing out on rounds, and will also make things easier to run. Do you have any other suggestions for spreading the word about the awards?
What other feedback do you have for me?
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