Zephyr ISD: Student Survey
School Climate/Safety
Choose one answer for each of the following statements. *
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Strongly Disagree
Students in my school are being prepared well for after high school.
Students in my school are encouraged to develop their own voice.
I have enough time to get from one class to the next.
I am happy with the choices for extra-curricular activities
My school is safe.
Teachers value what students have to say
Teachers respect all races and cultures
Students in my school get away with not doing their work
Students in my school get to be creative and use their abilities in school.
Most of my teachers like and respect me.
Most of my teachers give me a lot of encouragement.
My teachers notice when I’m doing a good job and let me know about it.
My teachers will help me improve my work if I do poorly on an assignment.
My school has clear rules and consequences for behavior.
Adults in this school apply the same rules to all students equally.
My school is kept clean.
Harassment, intimidation and bullying by other students are a problem at my school.
Most of my teachers pick on me.
Students in my school are often teased or picked on by peers.
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How many teachers at your school: *
Most or All
…have high expectations for students
….are very committed to teaching
…are familiar with the surrounding community/neighborhood
…try to do what’s best for all students
…make learning fun
…make you comfortable to ask them questions
Choose three of the following that you think are most the important qualities for a teacher. *
How much would the following help you learn? Check the appropriate answer for each statement. *
This would help a lot.
This would help a little.
This would not help at all.
More one-on-one attention from teachers
More examples of how the things I learn in school matter in the real world.
Classes that are more challenging.
More open-ended projects to demonstrate that I understand the content.
Comments/Suggestions related to Instruction/Classrooms (optional):
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Please share any suggestions or comments that would help make our school the best it can be. (optional)
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