Alcoholics Anonymous during Lockdown in London - Your Experiences
London AA Archivists have teamed up to ask you for your stories of how COVID-19 has changed your recovery, and your experience of the fellowship. Your answers will be used to build a picture of this unprecedented time in history, both in the world and in AA. There are 16 questions, your answers are anonymous, and it takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Thank you for participating!
How many Zoom/Skype meetings are you attending per week? *
Before lockdown, how many physical meetings were you attending per week? *
What is the name/s of your usual homegroup/s? If you don’t have a homegroup or would rather not say, please just enter the general area you usually attend meetings. *
How quickly did your homegroup/s manage to go online, from the day lockdown was announced? *
What positive aspects of online meetings have you found, and what is your experience of attending AA during lockdown? *
What difficulties and challenges have you experienced related to your recovery during the lockdown? (Including sponsorship, 12th step work, or your own step work) Just type 'N/A' if this does not apply to you. *
At your online homegroup/s, how many participants are you typically getting, and how does this compare to when it is at its physical location? *
At your homegroup/s, typically how many visitors are you getting from other areas in the UK? How many of these are attending because they know the meeting from their earlier days? Just type 'N/A' if this does not apply to you. *
And how many are you getting from other countries? How many of these are attending because they know the meeting from their earlier days? Just type 'N/A' if this does not apply to you. *
How are you dealing with Tradition 7? Are you contributing to your home group only perhaps, or other groups you visit, or GSO directly? Or are you putting contributions aside until you can attend in person again? Just type 'N/A' if this does not apply to you, for example if you are a newcomer. *
Are you attending meetings in other areas and/or abroad that you would not normally have the opportunity to attend? *
If you answered Yes to the last question, tell us a bit more about this - for example: are you attending overseas marathon meetings; have you been asked to do service at any international meetings; have you invited international speakers to chair at your homegroup/s; etc. (Skip if this does not apply to you)
Do you know of anyone - yourself included - who is not attending meetings because of a barrier with technology? (Unsure how to use Zoom; no data; no home broadband; no internet-enabled device - if you can, please specify what their barrier/s are) *
How many meetings in your local area or intergroup do you know of that have gone online since lockdown? (Just a rough number - skip if you don't know)
How long have you been sober? *
Is there anything else you'd like to say? (Skip if there isn't)
Thank you so much for participating.
Please share this survey with your networks in London. Thank you!
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