List your CSA with the Irish Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Network
The common ground definition of CSA or Community Supported Agriculture, available in the "Overview of CSA in Europe" report written in 2015 is:
"CSA is a direct partnership between a group of consumers and one or several producers whereby the risks, responsibilities and rewards of farming activities are shared, through long-term formal or informal shared agreement. Generally operating on a small scale, CSAs aim at providing quality food produced in an agroecological way".
This questionnaire is taken from the 'Overview of CSA in Europe' report.
Information provided in this form will be used to validate membership of the CSA Network of Ireland. We may share this information for research purposes and are working on the structures of the network which will ensure that mis-use of data does not occur.
The documents referenced are available on our website:
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This person will act as the representative of your farm in the network, the coordinator will feed information up and down to all the reps from the member farms.
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