Application to Major Group Led Initiative (MGI) Meeting of the UNFF in Nairobi, Kenya
The United Nations Forum on Forest (UNFF) was established in 2000 in order to promote principles for sustainable forest management. In 2017 the UNFF adopted the UN Strategic Plan for Forests (UNSPF) that provides a global framework for action to accelerate sustainable forest use and to end deforestation. Civil society is a central element of the UNFF and crucial for the implementation of the UNSPF. In order to be able to represent civil society, every UN process has so-called Major Groups. These nine Major Groups represent civil society actors like women, indigenous peoples and children and youth.

In order to improve collaboration, develop capacity and direct concerted action of the civil society for the annual UNFF meeting in New York, the Major Group Led Initiative (MGI) meeting will take place from the 3rd to 5th March, 2020 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Next to internal work, the central topic of this years meeting will be: Cross Sectoral Collaboration for Inclusive Forest Landscapes. During the MGI related concepts around this topics, including Good Governance, Sustainable Forest Management and Landscape Finance will be dealt with.

We, the Major Group Children and Youth (MGCY) are looking for three additional people to join our delegation for this meeting represent our constituency of young people. We are looking for applicants who are motivated and interested to learn more about the UNFF and are interested to develop their own capacity on sustainable forest management and international processes. Please have a look at the MGCY Work Plan 2018-2020, in order to get a better picture of the work we do:

Only people under the age of 35 can apply to this call.

The deadline for application is the 31.01.2020 by 8PM (CET).

We will get back to shortlisted participants by the 03.02.2020.

Travel (round-trip ticket) and accommodation (chosen by the head of the delegation) expenses will be covered upon agreement with shortlisted participants. We expect you to be fully available from the 2nd until the 6th of March, 2020. Furthermore, it is your own responsibility to take care of VISA issues. Nevertheless, we can support you if questions arise.

If you have any questions please direct them to and

- Assist MGCY in the organization and implementation of Agenda Items
- Assist in documentation activities
- Assist in Outreach/Social-Media activities
- Contribute own knowledge in workshops, presentations and discussions
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With which abilities and/or knowledge can you contribute to the work of the Major Group Children and Youth to the UNFF during the MGI? (Please consider this years topic: Cross Sectoral Collaboration for Inclusive Landscapes and related concepts, such as Good Governance, Landscape Finance or Sustainable Forest Management) *
Are you familiar with the concept of integrative landscape approaches? If so, please indicate in which regard you have dealt with the topic. *
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