CMB-S4 Membership Form
Postdocs and students who have a supervisor who is already a Senior Member do not need to fill out this form. Instead please have them use the supervisor interface on the team page (

If your membership is approved, you will most likely be given “provisional” status, as outlined in the collaboration bylaws. The expectation is that this would be converted to regular status after demonstration of meaningful engagement with collaboration activities.

If you are a current postdoctoral or student member who has moved to a permanent position and would like to be considered for “Senior Member” status, or who is applying for permanent positions and would like to be considered for "Intended Senior Member" status, please fill out this form with an emphasis on questions #7 (work you’ve done) and #8 (near term plans/interests).
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Describe briefly (a few sentences) any work you’ve done on CMB-S4 in the past.  (Examples:  contributed to Science or Technology books, etc).   *
Describe briefly (a few sentences) what you would like to work on for CMB-S4 in the next year.  If you are applying for Senior membership AND have graduate students and/or postdocs in your group that you expect will work on CMB-S4, please also mention roughly what fraction of their time they might spend on CMB-S4 and describe what you would like them to work on, in addition to your own interests. Once approved for membership you will be able to request membership for them as noted above. *
List any Technical Working Groups you (and your postdocs or students, if applying for Senior membership) would be interested in joining. For more details see
List any Analysis Working Groups you (and your postdocs or students, if applying for Senior membership) would be interested in joining. For more details see
Describe any other ways in which you plan or would like to become engaged.  (Note that attendance at our twice-per-year collaboration meetings is highly encouraged). *
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