Application to Establish Green Flag Trails in a New Country
Please complete this form if you wish to bring the Green Flag Trails System of Accreditation and Trail Standards to your country.

The application form should be submitted by the person who will lead on the Green Flag Trails application. This can be a manager or leader, or appropriate member of staff of a trail organization, tourism destination or non-profit association.

By completing this form you commit to convening a group of expert assessors and trail experts who will be willing to undertake training in the Green Flag Trails System and will be able to source funding to do so.

We will reply to your application within 3 weeks and send you further relevant information regarding the next steps.
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I agree to convene and coordinate a group of trail experts and professionals who will be available to train as Green Flag Trail Auditors in my country to establish a regional group of trail auditing experts to implement the system in our region.
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We look forward to contacting you to begin the process of accrediting and auditing your trail.

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