How can you help Prairie Food Co-op?
This form is to help us find the perfect spot for you to help us get closer to our goal of opening Prairie Food Co-op. It takes all different levels of talent and commitment to get our doors open and we want to make sure to utilize all that YOU can offer to help get us there! From just a few hours every now and then to a full fledged committee member, we value ANY time or talent you can offer! Please fill out this form and a PFC rep will be reaching out to you soon. Also, if you're not a Prairie Food Co-op Owner yet, please consider becoming one today at
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Why did you become a Prairie Food Co-op Owner?
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What aspects of Prairie Food Co-op attracted you the most? (Choose 2)
What do you do for a living? (If retired, what did you do?)
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I could donate needed items to PFC (office equipment, computer, laptop, screen, office space, event supplies) Note: Any donation to PFC is appreciated, but not tax deductible.
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Is there anything else you'd like us to know that wasn't covered in the survey?
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Your first volunteer task: Please tell us what question you think is missing or what we could do to make this survey more effective.
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