MCS Re-Opening Plan Family Survey
Please fill out one survey for each child you have enrolled in MCS.
The Margaretville Central School District has been working daily to develop and refine plans for reopening school in September. We need your feedback, along with your understanding that things are changing daily. New York State Education Department will have final decisions in August. One piece may be the continued need for some level of online learning, even embedded into a hybrid model of in-person classes. This survey will assist the District to plan accordingly. Copies will be mailed to those families already listed as having limited internet capacity.
Thank you for your support.
1. In which grade level at MCS do you have a child? *
2. How many children from your family will attend MCS in the 2020-2021 school year? *
3. Would you be able to bring your child to and from school each day of attendance? *
4. What level of concern do you have about each of the following
Very Concerned
Somewhat Concerned
Not Concerned
Your child missing important social interactions at school or with friends
Your child staying on track in school to be ready for the next grade
Your child, you, or someone in your family contracting COVID-19
School closure having a negative impact on your child's mental health and emotional well-being
The effect of the situation on your own mental health and well-being
Your child's ability to be productive and engaged during the day
Clear selection
5. Which method or methods of communication from the District have you found most effective. Select all that apply.
6. How frequently do you feel District communication to families should be made with matters related to school during the COVID-19 pandemic?
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7. In the event school remains closed and remote learning is required how many hours per day do you feel your child should be committed to digital learning/computer screen time?
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8. In the event of 100% remote instruction or even a hybrid model of instruction (some in-person at school and some remote learning), how would you need to think about child care? (If other please specify) *
9. Please share with us your internet connectivity concerns. Select all that apply. *
10. With remote instruction, what resources might you need as a parent/caregiver? Select all that apply.
11. Should it be determined that students should return to school, my family would choose: *
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