Call for Entries: Utility Box Murals
City of Aurora Public Art
Deadline: 6/30/2018

The City of Aurora is requesting proposals for the design and painting of murals on utility boxes throughout the city.

Artists and their designs will be chosen by the Aurora Public Art Commission in conjunction with guest curator Mike Mancuso, Director of The Yetee.

Artists can submit up to 3 design proposals, using the attached template. Up to one design per artist will be chosen.
Artists are to use the template to communicate a colored sketch proposal. Artists must also submit images of previous paintings and a resume.

Successful designs will be colorful and graphic. Pattern, abstraction, and anthropomorphic characters are welcome. Only family-friendly content will be considered.

The complexity of the design should reflect the artist’s ability to complete the painting within a week.

Artists are eligible regardless of residency, but preference will be given to local artists. The City of Aurora is invested in providing equal opportunities and neither race, gender, orientation, religion, nor disability will interfere with an artist’s eligibility. As with all Aurora Public Art projects, conscious effort will be made to fairly represent women and people of color.

Artists will be paid a stipend to cover design, painting, and the cost of specific paints as dictated by Aurora Public Art.
Stipends will vary by the size of the specific utility box. Artists will receive a portion of the stipend up front to cover the cost of paint, and will receive the remainder after the completion of the mural.

The City of Aurora will take responsibility for priming the utility box surfaces and sealing the murals with a protective, graffiti-resistant topcoat.

Artists will retain rights to their designs; artists will permit photography of the completed utility box murals, including use in promotional materials by any project sponsor.

Applications and portfolios will be accepted through 6/30/2018
Artists will be notified by July 15th.
Utility box murals must be completed by August 30th.

All entries must be submitted via this form.
No hard copy entries will be accepted.

More information can be found at

Use the following template as a rough approximation of the average utility box. Sizes and shapes will vary; doors, handles, and other details will break up the surfaces of most boxes.
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