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The Foundry is organically producing a unique 4th culture that is a mashup of the 3 individual BOW cultures. In order to embrace this phenomenon, the Foundry is bringing in experts in various creative processes like Thinking Wrong and Ethnographic Design Thinking, for a multi-day challenge from March 7-9th, and we need YOUR participation to help define the essence of the Foundry 4th culture!

On March 8, we are launching xBOW, a multi-day workshop with BOW students using creative processes like Thinking Wrong and Ethnographic Design Thinking. Join Marc O’Brien (The Determined and Project M) and Karen Stein & Benjamin Gaydos (goodgood), for a fun and immersive workshop where students will have the opportunity to innovate, experiment, and create solutions to local or global challenges they want to solve while learning a variety of creative processes that can be applied to their own work.

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