Invitation to apply - Calling for Speakers.
The Conscious Conversation Conference is a gala affair, the biggest event of its kind. A day of raising our hearts and embracing a wonderful unity of harmony peace and love that will shine across the globe.

Changemakers, women of courage and inspiration. Those who are willing to be the conversationalists who will pave the way, “Light” the way for peace, harmony, joy, and happiness in the world. You are invited to apply to bring your wisdom, encouragement, and “Light” at the Conscious Conversation Conference on 23 May 2020.

What if our conversations could change not only our life but the life of others in the world?

What if every conversation you had was a moment of awe-inspiring energy? A burst of happiness and love?

What if we could be the power for peace in the world through our conversations. No more isolation, aloneness, fear violence, suffering but rather harmony, uplift, harmony and happiness, and joy.

What if our conversations could change the world!

New friends, new opportunity and most of all a step forward for a new world for everyone.

Do you have a burning desire to be a contributor to a world of harmony peace and joy?
Then this conference calls you to step forward and bring your passion to the people to make the difference and be that contributor for the world today and tomorrow

Are you a speaker who seeks to bring harmony & peace happiness and joy then we want you to shine your light at the Conscious Conversation Conference.

If your dream is to leave the world a brighter happier more peaceful place, then we invite you to bring your dream to the world now, so that you can see and live your dream now.

Do you wish the world will be a more peaceful place in years to come, would you like to be an inspiration a change maker for that world right now?

Be our SPEAKER now.

Cost to be a speaker: A$455.00
Speaking time: 20 minutes

Inclusions: Gala lunch and conscious cocktail hour
Promoting you to the world
Profile to be on the website
Promoting your passion
A table for you to meet with guests and promote your services

Benefits: Get your message out to the world begin to be the way of a more peaceful, happier world
You will have an area with table and chair for you to promote your services and to speak with guests at each break

There are ONLY 8 places available.
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