Deep Ellum Scooter Survey
We need your feedback! This year, the City of Dallas will be considering updates to scooter-related ordinances adopted last year. DEF has shared recommendations based on neighborhood input and national best practices. As this new technology continues to be deployed during our busiest summer season, we need your feedback to share with City and company officials. A robust understanding of on-the-ground experiences as well as safety challenges will aid their work to improve the current policies. Please take a few moments to respond here and thank you!

The Deep Ellum Foundation will share results with the City of Dallas
and scooter companies in hopes of continuously improving safety and operations (note: we will
not share individualized responses or personal names but overarching trends and input).

Do you live or work within the Deep Ellum Public Improvement District? *
How old are you? *
How often do you ride e-scooters? *
If you operate an e-scooter, where do you typically ride in Deep Ellum?
Where would you prefer to see e-scooters operate in Deep Ellum
Which of the following activities related to e-scooters do you observe in Deep Ellum? (Select all that apply.)
Do you feel the current operation of scooters in Deep Ellum is safe?
Do you prefer the e-scooter program in Dallas continues with...(select one)
If the e-scooter program continues in Dallas, should they operate and be subject to the same regulations as motorized vehicles? (For example, obey traffic laws and regulations pertaining to operating under the influence)
Which of the following regulations/laws related to e-scooters do you believe would improve safety in Deep Ellum (for instance, through enforcement with an infraction or citation)? (Select all that apply)
Please share any additional comments, descriptions of specific experiences and/or concerns here.
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