Lesson 4-Knowledge Check
Instructions:  After you have reviewed the lesson materials, answer the questions below.
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True or False: Jeremiah 31:34 indicates that - for those the Lord has made the new covenant with - every man, his neighbor, and brother/relatives will know the Lord.
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True or False: In his time, Jeremiah’s words were accepted by the establishment in Judah (The People, Places, and Times). Select all that apply.
True or False: The book of Jeremiah is a post-exilic prophetic book, meaning that it was written after Israel’s exile from the Promised Land. (The People, Places, and Times)
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True or False: According to More Light on the text, the people at that time sometimes blame their sins upon their parents? (Focal Verses)
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Jeremiah was born into what kind of family? (The People, Places, and Times)
True or False: Jeremiah ministered just before Israel’s golden age of prosperity. (The People, Places, and Times)
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The new covenant would not be based upon ______but would be written on the ______. (In Depth)
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Jeremiah prophesied ahead to the future, after the exile was over. According to the scriptures, what things would God do after the exile? (More Light on the Text) (Choose all that apply.)
What examples do you see of people being judged prematurely based on their appearance or background?
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