2018 DRGSL Player Waiver Form
Submit this for each player that needs a waiver. Examples are a 12U Player that is playing up at 14U this season due to need (not enough players at the higher level) or ability (player would benefit from playing at the higher level). The other example is if a player from another association or outside your area (school district mappings apply for public schools not private schools that can get their players from any area) that would like to play in your association for whatever reason. Each player that meets these qualifications needs a waiver form submitted for purposes of vetting the waiver. There are few scenarios where a waiver will not be permitted but the DRGSL reserves the right to know and review each request for a waiver. If a waiver is not submitted for a player who needs one, it is possible that that player could be removed from your roster.
Player Name:
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Waiver Request From (Ex: 12U player moving up a level to 14U or player from outside your area):
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Waiver Request To (Ex: New Level or into your Association from outside your area):
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Reason for Waiver Request (Ex: Need Player at higher level, player is good enough for the higher level, etc.):
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