Pre-Tutoring Interview
Students: This is a form for students that need help in math and science. Please answer the following questions as SPECIFICALLY and COMPLETELY as possible. Many of our tutors have not taken Physics, Calculus, etc. for a couple of years. In order for them to tutor you effectively, they need to be able to brush up on the concepts that you need help with. Otherwise, they'll have to reteach themselves while trying to teach you.
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What is your name?
What is the subject(s) that you need help in?
If this is an AP subject, please put "AP" before the subject name (ex. AP Calculus).
What times are you available to be tutored on... Monday
Check ALL that apply, or none if you are not available between 3:30 and 5:30
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... Thursday
Your year in high school
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About how long do you think it will take to answer your questions?
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What specific area/concept do you need help in?
Look in your book! What is the name of the chapter(s) or the heading of the section(s) that contain the issue that you're struggling with?
What kinds of problems are giving you trouble? Do they involved the application of concepts or understanding concepts in the first place?
Again, be specific. If you know the name of the type of problem, please write it down. If not, describe it as best you can.
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