YPAL Ambassador Application 2020
Ambassadors are YPAL members who build relationships with non-members and members within the organization. Ambassadors achieve this by being a familiar face at events, being informed, and informing others about YPAL programs and events. Ambassadors also engage non-members and members in conversation, connect them to appropriate contacts within the organization and at events, and develop their social skills through networking opportunities.

The overall mission of an ambassador is to help non-members and members navigate their interests throughout the organization while building professional networking skills.

Please apply by June 8th at 5:00 pm.

General responsibilities*:
• Represent YPAL in a professional manner.
• Foster member engagement in YPAL programs & events.
• Be informed about the events, activities, and work of YPAL; and will work to engage members and non-members into the offerings of the organization.
• Attend a minimum of two (2) YPAL programs/events monthly, including all YPAL 101s, one (1) Membership committee meeting every other month, one (1) committee meeting every other month of choice, and attend other community events to represent YPAL. (Ambassadors will be asked to help with event check in from time to time, once in-person events can begin again.)
• Build relationships with new members and non-members through phone calls, emails, and personal invitations to YPAL events/programs.
• Engage with new and potential members at events, and make introductions to members that might increase the value they are looking for in YPAL.
• Assist the Director of Membership to recruit new members to the organization, with hopes of recruiting 2-3 new members per ambassador by the end of the term.
• Send welcome emails and retention emails to 2-5 new members/member who are about to expire each month, list provided by Director of Membership.
• Share YPAL events on your social media and invite friends and coworkers when possible.

*Please note: these responsibilities are listed in reference to a traditional board term. Due to COVID-19, some responsibilities may change based on guidance from local officials, in addition additional responsibilities may rise as needed.

General Notes
Ambassadors receive the following once appointed:
• YPAL Nametags
• Free tickets to some YPAL events

Term: July 1, 2020 - June 31, 2021.
Applications are due by 5:00 pm on June 8.

Ambassador meeting will take place on July 28, September 22, November 24, January 26, March 23, and May 25 from 5:30-6:30 pm. Please note: the first meeting on July 28 will be from 5:30-7:00 pm since it will be the Ambassador Orientation. (We will follow recommendations from the CDC and let you know if the first meeting will take place virtually or in person.)

By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth are true and complete. I also affirm that I am willing and able to make the commitment required and have received approval from my supervisor.
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