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Lovers in the Woods -

Defeated writer, Brenton Blake, travels to the woods of Idyllwild, checks into an old cabin for a week to get away, deal with a lifetime of depression and loneliness to finally finish his novel.

What he finds is a total breakdown in his solitude. No internet, no distractions, only the deafening stillness of the surrounding woods for him to hear the voice that has been calling to him for so long.
In a desperate act, he stands at the edge of a nearby cliff, pouring out his heart, yelling to the sky and contemplating ending his life.

The events that follow send Brenton into a soul-searching trek through the woods with false companions, devious intentions and unsuspecting help from forces both divine and mysterious.
The Lover in the Woods is a spine tingling, near death tale of a tortured soul of neuroticism and into liberation into the love he dreamed of, but never knew existed.

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