Call for Submissions: What Remains
A Literary Wake
Off the Page Festival

Submission deadline:
Friday, October 21, 2016, 12:59 pm

How is our experience of the printed word haunted by orality and sound?

As literature evolved it changed focus from oral recitation to a state of print preservation: a document, a hard copy, a “body of work.” When we curl up with these bodies - a great novel or book of poetry -, we “sound” the voice of the text in our mind, reanimating the words with the musicality of oral language. Similarly, at a literary event, the writer reads aloud from the page, resuscitating the text into a living form, reconstituting text from dry ink into wet cerebral activity.

“What Remains: A Literary Wake” is a literary performance of selected works and experimental rock/electro adaptations that address the Frankensteinian aspect of reanimating the musical orality of the printed word. We will attempt to channel the electricity of music in ways that allow us to bring a text to life.

Off the Page invites writers to submit short works of poetry and micro-fiction that deal with notions of sonic haunting, literary decomposition, ephemeral/electrical embodiment, and/or forms of death. With interest in showcasing the vocality of literature, we ask that writers be willing to recite their work from memory to a live audience while in the dark.

In advance of the event, the chosen 3-4 written works will each be assigned to a group of musicians who will prepare a sonic composition based on the work. Participating writers will recite their work in silence, which will be followed by a band’s performance/interpretation of the work. Finally, a Q&A session with the writer will be hosted by our MC.

The call for submissions will be open until 23:59 October 21st.

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