Hebron Golf Tryout Form : SY 20-21
This form will be used to help the coaching staff prepare for the upcoming golf tryouts for the 2020-2021 school year. If you are interested in playing golf at Hebron this year please fill out the form in its entirety. This will allow us to see the number of players we will have coming to the tryouts and allow us to set a date/s to hold the tryouts. More info on where and when the tryouts will be held will be coming soon!
Email address *
Full name *
Nickname if any
What grade will you be entering this coming school year? *
If you will be a freshman- What middle school did you attend last year?
Do you currently live in the LISD school district? *
If you answered no then please explain your families plans to move within the district. If there are no plans then unfortunately you cannot try out if you are not registered with LISD.
If you have lived in the LISD school district, what grade were you in when you first attended LISD? (If you attended and left the district, what grade were you in the last time you came back to the district?) *
Have you ever played 18 holes of golf before? *
Have you walked and carried (or used a push cart) your golf bag playing 18 holes before? *
Please list the scores of your last 5 rounds of 18 holes. If you have only played 9 holes list the last 5 rounds. (If you have never played 9 or 18 holes please state that below) *
If you have a swing coach that has been giving you golf lessons- What is their name? Where do you take the lessons? How often do you take lessons? *
Have you played in a stroke play (that is counting all of your strokes) golf tournament before? *
If you have played in a stroke play golf tournament/s Please list the name of the course/s. What did you shoot? Did you place, if so what place? Who ran the tournament NTPGA, TJGT, LJGT, etc.?
Are you planning on playing another sport or be in band if you were to make the golf team? *
If you answered yes, then please put what sport you are wanting to play, or is it band that you will also be in?
Please list ALL the first and last name of the parents or guardians that you live with. *
Please list their telephone numbers with area code. *
Please list their email addresses and which address belongs to which parent or guardian. *
Mailing address with town and the zip code. (remember 5 cities feed our high school so there are 5 different zip codes.) *
Cell number of player. If the player makes the team Coach Trent and Coach Davis will be sending a group text to the new group. *
T-shirt sizes (girls will be women sizes and guys will be men's sizes) *
T-shirt sizes ( unisex size) *
Golf pull over top (warm-up top) (girls will be women sizes and guys will be men's sizes) *
Adult Golf Shirts(girls will be women sizes and guys will be men's sizes). *
Please be aware that if your golfer makes the team there is a $400.00 player fee in addition to uniforms to purchase. This fee is to support the annual program budget which is used for tournaments entry fees, snacks (during tournaments) for the year, practice facility cost, and travel expenses. In addition, there will be booster club meetings, team building activities, and fundraising events throughout the year that parents and players should attend and participate. The first booster club meeting (date tbd) is when all dues will be collected and a carpool signup sheet is created for off campus practices. However, please know you are ultimately responsible in getting your player to the course for practice. *
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