MUNmö 2018 Application & Accommodation
Dear all,

As your board is always concerned with its delegates' well-being, we are delighted to announce that we arranged again a possibility for a MUN-Couch Surfing Opportunity. It essentially means that local students can offer a couch or maybe just a spot in their apartment to a non-local student who is in need of a place to stay during the time of the conference.

The advantages of hosting lay in the chance to get to know someone from perhaps a completely different place, exchange ideas, and have a fun time. The MUNmö Team would really appreciate if we can all pull together as we are all students with a limited income and Sweden is a rather expensive place. You will get an reimbursement of 75 SEK if you take in a non-local delegate.

The advantage for non-local students is that they have less of a financial burden and a chance to improve their pancake-baking skills.

There is NO guarantee that you will get a spot at someone else's place. We will try our best to make everyone as happy as possible, but we do not have magic powers.

If you have any questions please send us a mail to
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