For prospective YJI students
We are thrilled you are interested in joining Youth Journalism International. Please fill in this form as a first step.
Please note that if you are older than 22 or younger than 12, we cannot accept you.
The information we ask here will be used only internally at YJI. We do not allow outsiders access to our data. Please answer as much as you can because it will help us get to know you.
Once you have filled in the form, you may get an email telling you what to do next. It is not automatic response because, unfortunately, we get far more applicants than we can accept. But if hear from us within a couple of weeks and you are still eager, reach out to us. Good journalists are pushy.
By the way, we ask about where you live and how you identify to try to ensure our students reflect our world.
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Sometime soon you will get an email from YJI telling you what you need to do next. Please be aware that we are a tiny, all-volunteer charity. We do the best we can to respond quickly and work closely with our students. But sometimes, it can take awhile. Be patient. But also don't let us forget you! We know those two edicts can be confusing. Use common sense and be kind. It'll be fine.
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