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Since its formation in the late 1970s, PBS 106.7fm has been a passionate supporter of Melbourne's vibrant music scene. PBS was formed from the grassroots, by people with a strong desire to give a voice to under-represented musicians and to grow a strong music community.

This history is worth celebrating! So as part of our 40th anniversary, PBS will be producing a large format book that captures the unique contribution that the station has made to Melbourne's music scene. The book is planned to be launched in December this year to coincide with our 40th anniversary celebration.

We are looking for good-quality photographs of key events, announcers, volunteers, staff, interviews, the studios or anything else from our history that might be of interest - posters, playlists, t-shirts, anything!

If you would like to contribute information, photos, or artefacts, please fill out the form below and the project committee will be in touch.

Please submit your response by the 15th February 2019.

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